Actress, Academy Award winner

“You have a very professional filmmaking team in Kaunas, I am very pleased with this filming, which went smoothly thanks to the great people who worked with us. Pažaislis Monastery is an amazing place for filming, we were very warmly welcomed here.”



“We scouted Lithuania, and we came to Kaunas. We all were particularly interested in Kaunas, because Kaunas has a very different spirit... In Kaunas you feel a different historical meaning. It has much more character. Capitals are always very anxious and they want to please – oh, we wannna be like Europe, or whatever. Whereas Kaunas don’t really care, Kaunas [just] wanna be Kaunas. It’s super interesting. It’s also very interesting to see and come to its two so different souls – the winter soul, and the summer soul. Such a really wonderful place in the summer.”



“This is our third week of filming of Chernobyl and we’re thrilled to be starting production in Kaunas, a city with a rich cultural heritage. We could not have got to this point without the wealth of support from the Municipality of Kaunas. Everyone at HBO, Sky Atlantic, Sister Pictures and Mighty Mint would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Kaunas in allowing us to film on the streets of their beautiful city.”



“I've had the unique opportunity of filming both a documentary and a narrative feature film in Kaunas. Both times it was an amazing experience. Kaunas is a city where you can feel its distinctive history and culture everywhere you go - in the sights, the sounds, the streets, the architecture...and most importantly, in the people. It's a very film friendly city”.



"My head explodes from uniqueness of Kaunas. There are plenty of places pulsating with the interbellum spirit. Wherever the camera turns, authenticity is everywhere - architecture of walls and details, stylistics of windows, doors."



“Kaunas is a unique city with special character due to its modernist architecture which shapes its centre. It is also a pleasure to film in Kaunas because Kaunas Film Office makes filming in this city a simple and smooth process.”



“Kaunas has plenty of authentic, well-preserved interwar era buildings and interiors. Kaunas is an ideal choice for filming the interwar period topics or recreating history of some other era. Thanks to the proactive and enthusiastic activities of Kaunas Film Office team and the special attention of the city’s authorities to the filmmakers, Kaunas City can definitely be called the most film-friendly city in Lithuania. Everyone involved in the making of films will feel themselves in Kaunas is as if its their hometown”.

ROD FREEDMAN (Australia)


"Lithuania is a historical country, and Kaunas is the city that has great potential. I think that this could be a great place for filming a documentary, because some parts of the city are very authentic and untouched by time.”



“This is a very peaceful town, combining European architecture of different eras - from the Middle Ages to modernism and the present day. Different styles are perfectly reflected in the churches of the city. While visiting various places of Kaunas, it was very pleasant to imagine them in a film script.”



“If we are talking about Lithuania, this is primarily Kaunas, which has everything what is the best in this country: human sincerity, patriotism, understanding, stunning interwar architecture, city panoramas, forts, museums, cafés, restaurants, hotels. Here is everything you need to make a good film. And much more, because what remains behind the scenes, is imprinted forever in the heart full of gratefulness.”



"Kaunas pulsates positive energy and has so many beautiful corners that have yet to be exploited by cinema. The city is alive with history and memories, but the most captivating thing was the kindness of the locals and their desire to contribute to the development of the film – the filmmakers truly felt welcome in this city. We would be happy to come back and film again."

PILLE RÜNK (Estonia)


"Kaunas has a great potential for film productions. Of all the places I've visited, in particular impressive was Žaliakalnis with its funicular - this part of Kaunas is unusual for cities in the Baltic region. And the Church of Resurrection looked just fantastic."



“Both in Lithuania and around the world there are an infinite number of cities where you can find incredibly interesting locations of varying texture that are definitely film-worthy. Kaunas is one of these cities. However, the participation, assistance and goodwill of the locals is very important in the filmmaking process. It is not enough to just bring in a film crew. For me personally, the greatest and most important discovery while filming in Kaunas was the people who live there. Nowhere have I ever met such obliging enthusiasts, such curious crowd-scene participants, such accommodating location owners, and most importantly – actors so eager to act.”

Photos by Gintaras Česonis, Aurelijus Silkinis, Goda Gajauskaitė, Darius Baltušis, Augustinas Matulevičius, Rytis Januška, Andrius Aleksandravičius.